A quick introduction to this blog!


Hi there, and welcome to my brand new blog, named Bagels and Love Games – Tennis Views. I’m sure many of you who don’t follow Tennis that much, are scratching your head wondering why I decided to name my blog this? Well,  one of the main reasons is because of the fact that the other names I had in my mind (40love, Match Point and You Cannot Be Serious), were all taken! But’s let’s not be negative about that, because the reason I eventually settled with Bagels and Love Games is because the two terms are very common terms used in Tennis, well love game is, but perhaps not bagels… anyway, I thought the two looked cool together, so with that, the name of the blog was decided! Oh,  before I go any further perhaps I should explain to what bagels and love games are. A bagel is where a player wins a set 6-0, basically they don’t drop a game, and a love game is where player doesn’t lose a point.

The two main associations in Tennis.

Alright so I guess I should tell you a little bit about me. My name is Joe Craven, I am 19 year olds, and I’m a sports fanatic. I study Media Production at University, and I’m looking to go into Sports Broadcasting or journalism as my career. Outside of watching sport, I like to play Tennis and Football, play video games, go to the pub, eat too much food and edit videos on Final Cut Pro! I guess that’s all there is too me really, I just wish it was less than 160 characters so I could whack it on my Twitter profile.

Why Tennis? I guess that is the question some of you may of asked yourselves when you read that I was a sports fanatic, and I can understand why. Whilst I’d love to write about all sports, I believe starting small is the best way to succeed and build up a reputation. Not only that, but Tennis the sport I am taking most notice of right now, even though I live in a country where Football is the most popular sport,  it just doesn’t interest me as much as it used too. I also find Tennis easier to talk about, and the majority of fans are not dick heads like Football fans, who cry like a baby if you say something bad about their team. I guess a lot of you are also wondering what I’m going to write about? Well, even I myself don’t quite know yet, I’m thinking of doing a mixture of things, whether it’s lists and rankings, or REALLY long articles analysing a players year so far, career so far, a match, or perhaps even a tournament. Before I go any further, and finish off this first post by listing some of of my favourite matches in Tennis, I just want to let you all know that I am NO expert on Tennis, I have knowledge, but not as much as others. I have been watching on and off for a while, but this is the first year where I’ve really been into it,  and  especially the summer season. Basically, I want to use this blog to not only further my writing skills but also my knowledge on Tennis and my passion of the game. So, if you ever disagree with my writing, or believe I have information false or missing, just let me know!

I hope I don’t have to refer to this!

Alright, so now I’ve got the boring bits out of the way, I’m going to list some of my favourite players in Tennis as well as an interesting fact about something I saw as a fan.

Favourite male player? My favourite male player, and probably my favourite overall player is Andy Murray, and this has been the case ever since he joined the pro tour in 2005.  Of course, one of the main reasons is because Murray is British, but it’s also because he’s one of the most determined players and tour and doesn’t give up despite the pressure against him, he also has so much power in his game and I love watching it. Other male players that I like are Nadal, Djokovic, Tsonga, and Berdych to name a few. I don’t dislike Federer before you ask, but he annoys me.

Andy Murray, my favourite male player on the Tennis tour, with his Olympic Singles Gold Medal!

Favourite female player? I don’t follow the women’s game as much as the mens, but I’d say my favourite female player is Serena Williams.  I might not agree with everything Serena does, but there’s no denying she is the best player in the women’s game right now, and she probably has been for for 12 years of my life.

Serena Williams with her Olympic Singles Gold Medal!

Favourite Grand Slam Tournament? This is quite tough. Even though Wimbledon is in my home country, the US Open also excites me and the Australian is quite a spectacle to. The French is the only one I don’t really care for. If I had to chose though I’d pick Wimbledon, it has a great history and always throws up some great matches.

Favourite Tennis Moment? This is not a tough call whatsoever, my favourite Tennis moment is Andy Murray winning his Maiden Grand Slam, the US Open. It’s a recent moment I know, but as a huge Andy Murray fan it beats any other moment in Tennis for me, and it will remain my favourite for years, even him winning Wimbledon might not match it.

This was a great moment for me as Andy Murray lifted the US Open Trophy, his maiden Grand Slam!

Favourite Tennis Match of All Time? This might surprise a lot of you, considering I’ve bigged up Andy Murray a lot in this blog, but it’s not an Andy Murray match… My favourite Tennis match of all time is in fact the 2008 Wimbledon Final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. After seeing Nadal lose to Federer in the 2006 Wimbledon final, and come so painfully close to beating him in the 2007, it was awesome to see the Spaniard overcome arguably the Greatest of All Time, to win his first Grand Slam away from the Clay Courts of Roland Garos. Not only that but it was an epic encounter, which could of gone either way! If you haven’t seen this match yet, I suggest you go and watch it right now, and also read Nadal’s book which goes into extreme detail about the match!

The interesting fact. The interesting fact might mean nothing to you, but it’s quite a unique thing I can say as a Tennis fan. In 2006 I travled from my school at the time in Mossley, Manchester, to spend the day at the Wimbledon Championships with fellow classmates and staff. Unfortunately we only had Ground Passes, so our viewing was limited to the less popular courts (basically less popular stars played on them). However, by some luck, we managed to see what was to be one of Martina Navartilova’s last matches at Wimbledon. I believe it was her mixed doubles match, but I can’t quite remember. I do remember that I fell asleep during the match, and was suffering with bad asthma at the time. Yeah, I was sleeping, and suffering from bad asthma, but I am still able to say I saw one of her last matches at Wimbledon… I just hope I wasn’t snoring and put her team off leading to them losing!

Well, I think I’ve wrote enough introduction now, over 1000 words in a faster time than it took me to write 1000 word English Language coursework! I hope you enjoyed this introduction, I’m off to eat some Bagel’s and I will be back either tomorrow or Friday with an article on why I feel Andy Murray is a role model!

Thanks for reading.


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