Futubox.to – The new way to watch Sports, including Tennis!

Now I know this probably isn’t the next blog entry you guys expected from me, but I just feel I have to write a review for you guys on a GREAT streaming service I found recently after a long search for reliable streams of Tennis, and other sports. I promise you guys I will be releasing a brand new Tennis Blog on Sunday, but for now, I leave with you with this review.


For years I have been frustrated with the lacklustre quality of live Sports streaming. I’ve longed for streams where I can actually see the ball properly, and see the definition of players faces, but up until earlier this week it was the same old rubbish week in week out. After re discovering my love for Tennis over the past few months, I decided I’d had enough of the same old poor quality streams, and set out to find out a reliable stream website, which provided GREAT quality. I didn’t have much luck on my, hunt, until a friend suggested that I tried out the streaming service futubox.to. I checked out the company on Twitter, and they looked very promising, so I didn’t hesitate to email them to request an trial code. I received the code within the hour, and I was ready to go!


HD is what I was looking for when I set out on the hunt for a reliable quality stream, and HD is exactly what futubox gives. When I first logged into my account there was no Tennis being broadcast at the time, but I managed to catch the end of a Champions League match, and I WAS NOT disappointed. The next day, I eagerly logged into the site to watch some doubles and singles matches from the days play, and was amazed at how clear I could see the ball, the players faces (on the standard fixed camera shot), as well as the net, not only that, but the sound was also very clear! I’ve included some sample screen shots below for you guys to view, just so you can see the quality futubox gives….

Futubox Screen cap 1

Futubox Screen cap 2

Futubox Screen cap 3

Not only can you watch Sky Sports programs live in HD, but there is also an in demand function, which allows you to watch programs that were shown earlier in the day. All you have to do to use this feature is either search the name of the show, or drag the slider back on the video to the time the show you want to watch aired!

Are there any downsides to the service?

I would be lying if I said the service is totally flawless. As with most streaming sites, you will experience some lagging, or freezing of the stream on the odd occasion. This issue can usually be solved by refreshing your window, and considering the quality of the streams and the content provided, I think it’s a minor issue that doesn’t ruin the site experience at all.

Is there any cost involved to use futubox?

Yes, there is a small cost involved if you want to use the futubox service, but it is certainly worth it. There is numerous payment options, which include paying monthly, or even just paying for three days access. All payment options and prices can be found at the following link : http://futuboxhd.com/sign-up/ .

What are you waiting for?

I’m being serious! I’m sure a lot of you, just like myself, are sick and tired of poor quality internet streams, and also disagree with lining the pockets of the scummy BSKYB chairman Rupert Murdoch. Futubox is definitely the answer to all of our problems, and I highly recommend it! Oh, one more thing I almost forgot to mention, it’s not just Sports you can stream, there’s a large selection to suit your needs, including Movies, National Geographic Channel, and even HD Porn channels streamed live to your desktop!

If you’re still not convinced by my words, why not try out futubox for yourself? Tweet @FutuBOX or email support@futubox.com to request a free three day trial code. If you are convinced, sign up right now at http://futuboxhd.com/#!sign-up.html !


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